Facility Requirements:

All residents of GIFT must adhere to the following rules, as well as rules identified in the client's handbook.

  • Attend:  Recovery seminars if applicable, workshops, community events, and sessions.
  • Employment: Resident are expected to conduct a job search and gain employment if eligible and capable.
  • Savings: Each resident is given the opportunity to open a savings account in their own name.
  • Life's skills:  Each resident is expected to develop effective life skills, based on need, capability and potentials.
  • Weekly Reviews: Each resident has a designated weekly time to meet with the case manager , to review their individual progress. 
  • Monthly House Meetings:  Monthly house meetings will be conducted by the director and/or house manager to discuss his/her issues, complaints , etc..
  • Counseling:  If it is determined that counseling is needed, referral will be made to assist the client with their individual needs or problems.   
  • Giving Back:  All capable residents are encouraged to participate in some type of voluntary community services, and become more familiar with their community resources.
  • Sign-in:  Residents are required to sign-in and out upon entering or exiting the premises.
  • Residency:  Must pay their monthly service fee on the first of each month, no later than the 5th.
  • Premature Departures:  In case of premature or early departure, the exiting resident shall notify management 30 days before departure to address any property damages or refund issues.