Our Virtues:

We believe in instilling positive virtues in our clients as they aspire for a better tomorrow and the opportunity to contribute to society.  It is our commitment to impact these virtues on all of our clients/residents.

  • Courage:  Our residents are made to realize that they are individuals and rulers of their destiny. (Belief in Yourself)
  • Dream:  They are encouraged to dream big because dreams do come true.
  • The Greatest Advice:  Hard work is the beginning of a successful life.
  • Integrity:  Residents are taught to accept that discipline, character, and integrity are sacred trusts to be guarded.
  • Prayer:  They realize the power of prayers in their everyday lives as they go through many trails.
  • Leaving a legacy:  When it is all said and done, what will others say about you, what will be the example you have left behind?  Therefore are made to believe that they are the "candle lights" for those around them.


"Only those who love you know what you are worth."  This is why you are here and together we can make a difference.